How to Lose Revenue and Alienate Customers

The experience you provide to your customers should be perfect, but what happens when you underperform? We’ve studied thousands of reviews and carried out extensive research to uncover the impact of negative reviews, providing poor value and slow service – and how technology can remedy this.

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Boost customer retention and acquisition

Your customers sit at the core of your business, and alienating them can seriously impact your business performance. Whether they’re leaving negative reviews, telling friends, family and peers about their underwhelming experience, or neglecting to visit your site again – providing a sub-par experience for your visitors is simply not acceptable.

That’s why Cloudline has created the ultimate guide to boost your customer retention and acquisition with the power of technology to ensure that negative reviews, slow service and poor value at your destination are a thing of the past.

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What's included in this guide?

When you download the How To Lose Guests And Alienate Customers guide, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and research on the following topics:

The Cardinal Sins Of Hospitality

Explore how extensive waiting times can alienate your customers and deter them from visiting your venue in the future.

The Power Of Brand

Find out why brand is so important in shaping customer reviews and perceptions from the moment they set foot in your venue.

Positive Vs. Negative reviews

Uncover the value of positive and negative reviews for your business – which type is more impactful?

Value, Values and Feeling Valued

Discover why your customers are looking for experiences that prioritise value for money, and how value for money shapes your visitors' opinions of your business.

Speed is of the essence

Your customers don’t want to spend the majority of their day at your destination queuing for attractions – find out why.

What happens when you get it wrong?

Uncover how negative reviews can be easily remedied by implementing the correct technologies across your business.


The leisure and hospitality industries are severely lacking in innovative solutions to commonplace problems – find out how Cloudline aims to change this.

The cloudline platform: Attraction Management

All-in-one Attraction Management platform

Streamline and automate operations, analyse customer data and boost your business performance.


Having an in-depth understanding of your visitors' behaviours and interactions, and inform your sales, marketing and operations strategies.

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Increase accuracy, reduce wait times and manage resources effectively at your food and beverage outlets.

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ePOS System

Supercharge your front of house food and beverage teams and increase revenue and efficiency – the ideal solution for Quick-Serve Restaurants.

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Integrations & APIs

Streamline operations, improve guest experience and make data driven decisions to reduce overheads and delivery a better service.

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