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Our Technology

Cloudline is driving the next generation of virtual queuing technology for high-volume leisure and entertainment.

Our technology enables you to operate with either substantially reduced queue lines or entirely queue-less, depending on your needs. Enabling you to prepare and adapt to new regulation and consumer habits.

Social Distancing

Essential businesses are adhering to government social distancing guidelines by capping the number of people allowed inside their establishments to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.
It is likely when quarantine measures are relaxed similar measures will be required of non-essential businesses.

Health & Safety Planning

Reopening requirements will vary depending on where you are located. Consult with your local governments’ Health and Safety teams about what requirements are needed to consider reopening.
Partial openings to ensure social distancing might be required as well as alternate seating configurations for venues and attractions.

Capacity Limitations

Queues are likely to go both slower and increase in size. To prepare for this further queue real estate would be required, or a virtual queuing solution capable of managing and dispersing guests effectively whilst they wait.

Single & Multi-Site Solutions

Cloudline has a suite of software which can function for a variety of contexts, whether this is managing capacity restrictions at on-site Food & Beverage or multiple high-volume attractions. We have a variety of options to suit your needs.

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