A little bit about Cloudline

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, if you have people interacting with you business in person, either in volume or for specific time periods, Cloudline can help.

Mission Statement

The strongest, most loved brands in the world deliver exceptional customer experience - but what else do Starbucks, Tesla, Airbnb, Amazon & Netflix all have in common?

They heavily rely on software to achieve this, effortlessly delivering high-value for their customers through simple interfaces at lightning speed.

We believe access to this kind of technology is largely underserved in the leisure & entertainment industry, restricted to only a handful of players with large dedicated technical teams.

We want to level the playing field and raise the standard. We believe that if you want to keep up with consumer expectations there is no such thing as a 'finished' product, you have to continuously innovate and refine.

Our Team

Charles Rogers

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeremy Hindle

Co-Founder & CTO/CPO

Ralph Kemp

Lead Developer

Reid Campbell


Ikraam Husain