Leisure & Amusement Parks

Enable guests to make the most of their visit to your park, from bookable sessions, virtual queuing, to mobile food ordering; we’ve got you covered.

Why use us?

These are some reasons why many people choose to use Cloudline.

Easy and secure payments

Make payments easier and more convenient for your customers with Apple & Google Pay.

One tap sign-up for visitors

Start the booking process in one tap

No Installation

People dislike installing new apps on their devices, so we launch yours directly from QR Code, table menu, or receipt.

Visitor marketing data collection

Collect valuable visitor data for maketing and re-engagement to ensure their return.

First class customer support

Your visitors are our visitors. Same day support

Improve Guest Experience

Experiences & Services

Waiting in line is the number one customer complaint of the leisure & entertainment industry. Enable your guests to enjoy their visit wait-free and stress free, regardless of season or capacity.

Mobile Food Ordering

Make the food ordering process easier and stress free for large groups and families so they can order without having to wait in line.

Discoverability & Events

Help guests make the most of their day and discover more of your offering through seamless discovery and event management, ensuring they don't miss a thing.

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Increase Revenue

Mobile F&B Ordering

Help your F&B teams sell more by maximising dwell time in-front of the menu and eliminate customers from rushing while placing orders, both factors that have been proven to influence order size.

Paid Ticket Types

Maximize sales of premium ticket types and fastrack through the convenience and ease of digital wallets and sophisticated pricing options.

Premium Experiences & Services

Take the friction out of the booking process and enable your guests to view schedule availability then book & pay from anywhere onsite in a matter of seconds.

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Streamline Operations

Onsite Staffing & Preparation

Give your teams an easy and clear way to prepare and adjust staffing duties in advance of customers, helping them deliver more efficiently.

Food & Beverage

Help your teams serve more customers by capturing orders and payments on devices. Freeing them up to focus on kitchen operations, order assembly and delivery to tables.

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Minimise Staff Overhead

Automate Slow Tasks

Enable your admin teams to adjust pricing and scheduling of onsite sessions on the fly. Once finalised, let the system replicate it so your teams can focus on other tasks to drive the business forward.

Easy Data Input

We know how time consuming data input can be, so we enable you to take your own spreadsheets and upload them into the platform, reducing manual data entry to a minimum.

Menu Management & Stocking

Menus change regularly, so we enable your teams to add, remove or take items out of stock on the fly, with all changes updating for visitors instantaneously.

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Don't just take our word for it

If you're interested you can checkout out our case studies here too!

Charlotte T



"an excellent, very simple app which allows you to book your activities and order any food. I really can't recommend it enough!"

Barnaby H



"This was a great set up. You can either order inside and find a table outside for table service or find a table and order off their web app using their QR code. This is what we did and food arrived within ten minutes. Good food , a good service."

Margaret B



"We ordered some drinks from the app to our table which worked very well and was prompt."

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