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Drive half-time Food & Beverage spend, fan engagement and data capture for a modern customer experience fans will love.

Why use us?

These are some reasons why many people choose to use Cloudline.

Optimised for performance

We believe innovation is at the heart of every business' long-term success. That's why we're constantly rolling out and testing new features to optimise your operations.

First class customer support

Your visitors are our visitors. Cloudline offers same day support for when things don't go as planned.

Easy and secure payments

Make payments easier and more convenient for your customers with Apple & Google Pay.

Visitor marketing data collection

Collect valuable data on how your visitors interact with your attractions and experiences, to optimise your marketing and re-engagement strategies and ensure that your visitors return time and time again.

No Installation

No one likes to download apps that'll only be used once. Your visitor experience app is a lightweight mobile web page that can be launched through a QR code, menu, receipt or web URL.

Drive F&B Spend

Eliminate staff taking orders and payments to accelerate output during peak periods:

  • Enable fans to pre-order from their seats
  • Take payment via Google & Apple Pay
  • Triage orders directly to the KDS for simplified ticket management

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Streamline F&B Operations

Streamline back of house operations with our Kitchen Display System:

  • Sort tickets chronologically
  • View aggregated menu item counts across large volumes
  • View kitchen displays in realtime remotely from anywhere

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Multi-Unit & Multi-Site Support

Manage multiple units and sites across the same environment:

  • View unit specific analytics and global aggregated analytics
  • Manage menus across different units and sites with ease
  • Split payouts for different contractors and vendors in platform

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Boost Fan Engagement

Offer a digital app companion that club fans will love, enabling them to:

  • Browse upcoming games
  • Explore new players and stats
  • Discover upcoming events and special offers

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Data Capture & Analytics

Increase data capture to support marketing teams for retention and retargeting:

  • Capture fan engagement and frequency of visit
  • Measure average spend and lifetime value
  • Export GDPR compliant data into your CRM of choice via our API

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Our customers love us


Owner @Escapade Group


We began working with Cloudline in June 2020, both their team and platform have delivered exceptional value to our business over the period. The platform & app have been well received by our visitors with 9/10 stating it improved their visit.

January, 2022


@Christchurch Golf Club

Implementation & Support Has Been Excellent

Cloudline has helped us expand our existing business and overcome a stagnation by enabling us to seamlessly sell more F&B to members and visitors through new digital channels at our driving range and golf club.

January, 2022

Ollie Greenhalgh

Founder @Openaire


We began working with Cloudline in August 2021 as a drop-in replacement for Dines. We got set-up, implemented a new feature needed for our workflow, and were serving customers on the same day. We had a great experience and look forward to operating our future events using their platform.

January, 2022

Caroline Cooney

Group Operations @Escapade Group


Cloudline has been brilliant with the setup of this all and always offers us such fantastic support.

January, 2022

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