Time well spent.

Let your customers queue without standing in line and create winning customer journeys with machine learning.

Number one complaint of leisure & entertainment?
Standing in line.

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Valuable customer time is wasted

Customers can spend between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours standing in lines at venues. Why not have them explore more of your offering?

Inefficient capacity distribution

Areas of overcrowding and underutilisation are the result of unmanaged capacity, resulting in poor customer experience.

When unhappy guests leave, it's too late

Dissatisfied guests leave bad reviews, drive up customer acquisition cost and rarely return. We enable you to identify and rescue them before exit.

Why is this a problem?

  • Fewer Repeat Visits
  • Less Secondary Spend
  • Lower Customer Sentiment & Satisfaction

So, why are we better?

Machine Learning & AI

Cloudline enables you to automate the flow of guests across your venue through the use of powerful data-processing technologies.

Delivering tailored customer journeys to each visitor demographic, boosting both guest sentiment and operational efficiency.

PWA & API Integration

Enjoy seamless on-boarding with Cloudline. Our software is built using Progressive Web App technology making integration as smooth as possible.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a cutting edge mobile technology recently adopted by Uber, Tinder, Pinterest & Github. See our case study on PWAs here.

Web Dashboard

Staged Rollout

Start off by offering Cloudline to select customer segments or areas of your venue, allowing you time to adapt operationally.

Easy Onboarding

We have a dedicated support team so everything is set up and functioning to your specification. We also offer training free of charge.

Freemium & Paid

Offer Cloudline in tiered pricing options so your customers all have options which suits their needs.

This Is What Our Customers Have To Say About Cloudline

"Cloudline enabled an easy new way for guests to get into our venue without standing in line, they had excellent customer support and quickly turned our feedback into updates."

General Manager, The Sugarhouse

"Queuing with Cloudline made my nights out stress free and more enjoyable."

Alex C, End User

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