Time well spent

Deliver exceptional customer experience and accelerate growth with Cloudline.

The all-in-one cloud platform, helping leisure, entertainment & hospitality businesses sell more, reduce costs, and personalize experiences.

Using technology to make things simple

An easy to use platform for everyone

Your entertainment venue, easily managed, all in one place.

Managing entertainment venues is hard. There are lots of things to think about: stock, shift management, queue management, ticketing and session management, visitor experience, food order tracking, payments, customer service the list goes on...

We're on a mission to make that easy so you can concentrate entirely on what makes your venue special for your visitors.

Get rid of all the busy work

Tools which work as hard as your team does.

Whether it's keeping your menu up to date with allergen information, repsonding to food orders quickly and in the correct order, or putting through the odd refund for an unhappy customer...

We make it quick and easy.

A best in class visitor experience

We make your customers happier.

We all know that if your customers are happy then your business is going well. Our user experience is rated extremely helpful by 98% of users.

We work on weak connections, don't require an install on their devices, and can be launched straight to a specific action from a single QR code.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics which make you hate spreadsheets.

Measure what's important about your business so you can make good decisions about how you can improve your visitor experience and staff efficiency.

Want to know if you should adjust your menu? We got you. Want to know how many staff you need on site next week? We got you there too. We can do easy stuff like tell you what your best selling menu items are too and by how much!

Operational Efficiency

Unlock more from your teams

We help you improve operation efficiency and increase revenue, automating and streamlining workflows so your teams can deliver more during peak periods.

The majority of hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses make the bulk of their revenue over a few select periods of the year, meaning it is critical that your teams can perform at capacity without compromising on experience for customers.

Digital transformation

Keep up with an ever changing world.

Consumer habits and expectations are constantly evolving, creating new needs and problems for businesses every day. To truly build a resilient business today you have to be able to adapt, and the most effortless way of doing that is through technology.

At Cloudline we see this as an opportunity to refine and innovate, continuously improving our products so you stay ahead of the curve.

Don't just take our word for it

If you're interested you can checkout out our case studies here too!

Charlotte T



"an excellent, very simple app which allows you to book your activities and order any food. I really can't recommend it enough!"

Barnaby H



"This was a great set up. You can either order inside and find a table outside for table service or find a table and order off their web app using their QR code. This is what we did and food arrived within ten minutes. Good food , a good service."

Margaret B



"We ordered some drinks from the app to our table which worked very well and was prompt."

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