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Visitor Experience and Attraction Management Technology that helps your business grow

Helping leisure businesses unlock new revenue, reduce costs and modernize customer experience.

People are our business, and we know that they are the heart of yours.

Cloudline is a hassle-free, customisable digital guest and site management solution that enhances visitor experience and offers efficient, tailored support.

Helping leading UK businesses delight visitors and improve guest experience.

Streamline operations, reduce wait times and eliminate negative reviews. The Cloudline
platform is proven to improve experience and performance.

Digitise your business, maximise profits and reduce overheads.

Cloudline is a hassle-free, customisable digital guest and site management solution that enhances visitor experience and offers efficient, tailored support.

The cloudline platform: Attraction Management

All-in-one Attraction Management platform

Streamline and automate operations, analyse customer data and boost your business performance.


Having an in-depth understanding of your visitors' behaviours and interactions, and inform your sales, marketing and operations strategies.

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Increase accuracy, reduce wait times and manage resources effectively at your food and beverage outlets.

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ePOS System

Supercharge your front of house food and beverage teams and increase revenue and efficiency – the ideal solution for Quick-Serve Restaurants.

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Integrations & APIs

Streamline operations, improve guest experience and make data driven decisions to reduce overheads and delivery a better service.

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Drive better results for your business


Average increase in customer spend with Cloudline's Order & Pay system


Customers that purchase through the app purchase again the same day

13 X

Average ROI reported by clients using the Cloudline platform


Average increase in customer spend with Cloudline's Order & Pay system


Customers that purchase through the app purchase again the same day


Average ROI increase reported by clients using the Cloudline platform

Delight your customers with exceptional experiences

Cloudline's visitor experience app requires no download from the App Store - your visitors can access the full experience by simply scanning a QR code, no install required.

Interactive user interface

A customisable visitor experience app that lets you pick modules, promotions and personalise your guests' experiences.

Reduce overheads and maximise revenue

Use the app's interactive map builder and customisable promotions to edit your attraction live, cut printing costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

See how Cloudline can help you digitise your business, maximise profits and reduce overheads.

Revolutionise your guest experience and site management strategy.

The cloudline platform: Visitor Experience

Deliver world-class digital experiences for your guests

Let guests book events, order food, locate shops and enjoy exceptional experiences with Cloudline's visitor experience modules.

Order & Pay System

Reduce wait times, increase efficiency and run leaner, more profitable food and beverage outlets.

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Session Bookings

Manage experiences, events and activities with bookable sessions. Control guest distribution throughout your venue and avoid long queues.

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Create a customisable event schedule that can be viewed in the app, allowing your guests toplan their day with ease.

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Interactive Maps

Help guests navigate and explore your site with beautiful, customisable maps that highlightevents and attractions around your site.

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Promotional Notices

Reduce undersubscribed events and underused facilities by creating promotional noticesand incentives to attract your guests.

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Reduce negative reviews and create brand advocates

Negative reviews can affect your brands reputation and lead to poor retention rates and high acquisition costs. We studied thousands of reviews to uncover their impact on businesses and how technology can remedy this.

Boost customer retention and acquisition

Find out the key causes of negative reviews for the leisure and hospitality industries and how you can avoid them by using visitor experience technology.

Get your customers talking... for the right reasons!

Discover the power of reviews, both positive and negative, and the impact they can have on your profit, growth and reputation.

Using technology to make things simple
An easy to use platform for everyone

Site operations, easily managed, all in one place

Managing operations is hard. There are lots of things to think about: stock, shift management, queue management, ticketing and session management, visitor experience, food order tracking, payments, customer service the list goes on...

We're on a mission to make that easy so you can concentrate entirely on what makes your business special.

Get rid of the busy work

Help your teams help you.

Whether it's managing onsite menus, helping teams stay organised in busy periods, controlling capacities, or managing customer expectations ahead of their visit - we help your teams become more impactful with their time through the use of intuitive technology.

A best in class visitor experience

We make your visitors happier.

We all know that if your visitors are happy then your business is going well. Our user experience is rated extremely helpful by 98% of users.

We work on weak connections, don't require an install on devices, and can be launched straight to a specific action from a single QR Code.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics which make you hate spreadsheets.

Measure what's important in your business so you can make the right decisions to drive your business forward commercially & operationally.

We help you understand how you business is operating at a high-level all the way down to the performance of your individual offerings. Helping you gain greater visibility into the day to day operations of your sites.

Our customers love us


Owner @Escapade Group


We began working with Cloudline in June 2020, both their team and platform have delivered exceptional value to our business over the period. The platform & app have been well received by our visitors with 9/10 stating it improved their visit.

January, 2022


@Christchurch Golf Club

Implementation & Support Has Been Excellent

Cloudline has helped us expand our existing business and overcome a stagnation by enabling us to seamlessly sell more F&B to members and visitors through new digital channels at our driving range and golf club.

January, 2022

Ollie Greenhalgh

Founder @Openaire


We began working with Cloudline in August 2021 as a drop-in replacement for Dines. We got set-up, implemented a new feature needed for our workflow, and were serving customers on the same day. We had a great experience and look forward to operating our future events using their platform.

January, 2022

Caroline Cooney

Group Operations @Escapade Group


Cloudline has been brilliant with the setup of this all and always offers us such fantastic support.

January, 2022

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