Time well spent

Guest Experience and Site Management Technology that helps your business grow

The all-in-one platform, helping leisure & entertainment businesses sell more, reduce costs, and personalize experiences.

The cloudline platform

The integrated tech stack for your leisure business

A suite of operational tooling to help you manage your business more effectively and consistently delight your visitors.

Food and Beverage Ordering System

Enjoy an increase of 21.6% in additional customer spend with the our digital Food & Beverage ordering system.

Customer CRM

A full 360 profile view for every customer. Offer better customer service and drive effective re-engagement marketing campaigns.

Visitor Companion App

Make sure your visitors discover and explore everything your business has to offer. A fully branded digital companion app for your offering including an interactive map.

Session Bookings

Manage onsite experiences with session bookings (otherwise known as timed tickets) and ensure a great experience for visitors regardless of season or capacity.

Visitor Companion

A branded visitor companion app to delight the modern consumer and help your business achieve its commercial goals.

Interactive Exploration

Give your visitors an easy way to navigate and explore your site. Bookable experiences, Food and Events in just a few taps for all your customers.

No App Store Installation

An app store feel without the storage and data requirements. Just scan a QR code and go. Pay with just Face ID or a Fingerprint.

Tooling for the Modern Enterprise

We help reduce workload and help your teams tackle the busiest times of the year, helping you take your business new heights.

Test & Learn

We continually test and measure the effectiveness of new tools, and when they're ready we'll flag them for you to try.

We're on your side

We pride ourselves in offering incredible customer support, whether it's helping you implement our software, or strategising about the best tools to leverage for your goals. We put ourselves in your shoes.

Using technology to make things simple
An easy to use platform for everyone

Site operations, easily managed, all in one place

Managing operations is hard. There are lots of things to think about: stock, shift management, queue management, ticketing and session management, visitor experience, food order tracking, payments, customer service the list goes on...

We're on a mission to make that easy so you can concentrate entirely on what makes your business special.

Get rid of the busy work

Help your teams help you.

Whether it's managing onsite menus, helping teams stay organised in busy periods, controlling capacities, or managing customer expectations ahead of their visit - we help your teams become more impactful with their time through the use of intuitive technology.

A best in class visitor experience

We make your visitors happier.

We all know that if your visitors are happy then your business is going well. Our user experience is rated extremely helpful by 98% of users.

We work on weak connections, don't require an install on devices, and can be launched straight to a specific action from a single QR Code.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics which make you hate spreadsheets.

Measure what's important in your business so you can make the right decisions to drive your business forward commercially & operationally.

We help you understand how you business is operating at a high-level all the way down to the performance of your individual offerings. Helping you gain greater visibility into the day to day operations of your sites.

Our customers love us


Owner @Hobbledown


We began working with Cloudline in June 2020, both their team and platform have delivered exceptional value to our business over the period. The platform & app have been well received by our visitors with 9/10 stating it improved their visit.

January, 2022

Ollie Greenhalgh

Founder @Openaire


We began working with Cloudline in August 2021 as a drop-in replacement for Dines. We got set-up, implemented a new feature needed for our workflow, and were serving customers on the same day. We had a great experience and look forward to operating our future events using their platform.

January, 2022

Caroline Cooney

Guest Experience Manager @Hobbledown


Cloudline has been brilliant with the setup of this all and always offers us such fantastic support.

January, 2022

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