Point of Sale (EPOS)

Supercharge your front of house Food & Beverage teams with the Cloudline POS.

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Why use us?

These are some reasons why many people choose to use Cloudline.

Easy and secure payments

Make payments easier and more convenient for your customers with Apple & Google Pay.

No Installation

People dislike installing new apps on their devices, so we launch yours directly from QR Code, table menu, or receipt.

Optimised for performance

We are constantly testing new ways to refine your business through technology, committed to its long term success.

First class customer support

Your visitors are our visitors. Same day support

Fast and Intuitive

A modern performant interface helping your teams with day-to-day operations, increasing productivity and minimizing manual inefficiencies.

The Cloudline POS also enables your teams to:

  • Take payments from mobile terminals
  • Turn any web enabled device into a POS
  • Get setup and running within a matter of minutes

Multi-Site Support

Manage multiple units and sites with ease all from the same platform.

This also enables your teams to:

  • Reduce admin overheads by having menus, reporting and analytics all in a single place, broken down by site
  • Avoids the need for separate instances and log-ins per site for F&B Managers
  • Gives you a seamless way to compare multiple teams across different units

Reduce Cost with the Integrated KDS

Our kitchen display system uses data to help operators increase profitability through accelerated workflows and performance analytics.

The KDS also enables you to:

  • Reduce refunds through accurate customer wait-times
  • Increase order output during peak periods through data-driven order distribution views
  • Capture restaurant performance metrics over time

Track Customers with the integrated CRM

Integrated into our platform CRM as standard, enabling you to track and manage your customers across multiple channels with ease.

The CRM also enables your POS teams to see:

  • Customer retention length
  • Life time value
  • All historical bookings and orders


Track the overall performance of each F&B unit with built-in analytics.

Built in analytics helps your teams understand the core F&B health metrics including:

  • How each menu item is performing
  • Average spend per customer
  • Average speed of service
  • Hours open and closed


Simplify your accounting operations using either the included accounting widgets or integrate directly with the financial API.

This enables your financial teams to:

  • Always have access to your accounting data for reports and reconciliation in realtime
  • Filter and reconcile multiple revenue streams from the platform with ease
  • Export to CSV for off-platform Excel and Google Sheets analysis

Our customers love us


Owner @Hobbledown


We began working with Cloudline in June 2020, both their team and platform have delivered exceptional value to our business over the period. The platform & app have been well received by our visitors with 9/10 stating it improved their visit.

January, 2022

Ollie Greenhalgh

Founder @Openaire


We began working with Cloudline in August 2021 as a drop-in replacement for Dines. We got set-up, implemented a new feature needed for our workflow, and were serving customers on the same day. We had a great experience and look forward to operating our future events using their platform.

January, 2022

Caroline Cooney

Guest Experience Manager @Hobbledown


Cloudline has been brilliant with the setup of this all and always offers us such fantastic support.

January, 2022

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