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Reduce wait times, increase efficiency and run leaner, more profitable food and beverage outlets with Cloudline's mobile order & pay system.

Why choose Cloudline?

Cloudline has years of experience in generating tangible results for businesses through an innovative, modular and customisable app – here’s why our customers trust us to accelerate the growth of their business:

Easy and secure payments

Make payments easier and more convenient for your customers with contactless Order and Pay via Apple & Google Pay platforms.

One tap sign-up for visitors

With just one tap, your visitors can access Cloudline's Progressive Web App to Order and Pay at their table from a QR code – no need to download anything from the App Store.

No Installation

No one likes to download apps that'll only be used once. Your visitor experience app is a lightweight mobile web page that can be launched through a QR code, menu, receipt or web URL.

First class customer support

Your visitors are our visitors. That’s why Cloudline offers same day support to reduce downtime and boost the efficacy of our Order and Pay system.

Visitor marketing data collection

Collect valuable data on how your visitors interact with your attractions and experiences, to optimise your marketing and re-engagement strategies and ensure that your visitors return time and time again.

Optimised for performance

We believe innovation is at the heart of every business' long-term success. That's why we're constantly rolling out and testing new features to optimise your operations.

Improve Visitor Experience

With Cloudline’s mobile Order and Pay, families and groups can enjoy full menu access and stress-free ordering right from their devices, from anywhere in your attraction. Ordering food & beverages has never been easier or more convenient!

Mobile Order and Pay also improves visitor experience by:

  • Providing live wait times: allowing your visitors to choose a quiet period to visit you food & beverage outlets so that they can maximise their time at your attraction.
  • Displaying detailed dietary information for those with specific requirements and preferences.
  • Providing up to date information on product availability to avoid disappointment and delays when ordering.
  • Sending live order update notifications to customers, keeping them up to date with the progress of their order - if a long wait is unavoidable during busier periods they can enjoy nearby events and activities while they wait, without the fear of missing their order.

Increase Revenue

Implementing mobile order and pay systems across your business can help you achieve higher revenue per available seat and increased order sizes, delivering an average spend increase of 21.6% versus ordering in-person.

Mobile Order & Pay enables you to maximise revenue by:

  • Increasing menu dwell time, which is proven to encourage your customers to order more items per transaction.
  • Upselling customers digitally with targeted, tailored marketing techniques - offer side dishes, meal deals or desserts to accompany their order through the Cloudline App.
  • Capturing visitor spend data to better understand customer behaviour, which can inform your long-term food & beverage sales strategy
  • Informing your menu decisions and creation by showing most and least purchased items, so that you can eliminate wastage and ensure your stock levels are sufficient.

Streamline Workflows

Keep your teams organised and efficient by implementing Cloudline's Order and Pay system to help you work through order backlogs during peak periods and manage team priorities

Help your teams with the Cloudline Kitchen Display System by:

  • Sorting tickets chronologically from oldest to newest, allowing you to effectively prioritise your orders and reduce visitor wait times.
  • Eliminating ticket loss in non-paper friendly environments whilst simultaneously opting for a more eco-friendly, paperless means of processing orders.
  • Notifying customers when orders are in progress, which can eliminate time spent by your staff answering order timing queries.
  • Displaying live wait times so your guests can make informed decisions about whether to visit your food & beverage establishments, which can help you avoid wait time complaints.
  • Reducing refunds that are issued due to ordering errors which can often occur with traditional ordering systems.

Delivery Logistics

Configure custom delivery options to suit your business. Cloudline's Order and Pay system is not limited by location: whether you deliver to table, cabana, car or boat, Cloudline has got you covered.

Leverage delivery logistics to offer delivery by:

  • Table number
  • Parking spot
  • Car registration plate
  • Anchorage or boat number

One-Stop Solution

Run the food & beverage platform without requiring any additional software - all you need is a laptop or touch screen device and you’re ready to unlock the range of capabilities that the Cloudline Order and Pay platform can provide.

Our customers love us


Owner @Hobbledown


We began working with Cloudline in June 2020, both their team and platform have delivered exceptional value to our business over the period. The platform & app have been well received by our visitors with 9/10 stating it improved their visit.

January, 2022

Ollie Greenhalgh

Founder @Openaire


We began working with Cloudline in August 2021 as a drop-in replacement for Dines. We got set-up, implemented a new feature needed for our workflow, and were serving customers on the same day. We had a great experience and look forward to operating our future events using their platform.

January, 2022

Caroline Cooney

Guest Experience Manager @Hobbledown


Cloudline has been brilliant with the setup of this all and always offers us such fantastic support.

January, 2022

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