October 26, 2023

5 Ways to Keep the Thrills Alive: How Attraction Parks Can Attract Visitors During Autumn


During the off-season, many attractions can experience a decrease in visitors. The colder temperatures and shorter days can make it difficult to attract tourists and locals alike. However, with a bit of creativity and planning, attractions can still keep visitors coming throughout the colder months. I'll discuss several strategies for keeping your attraction busy and profitable during the off-season.

We’ll explore ways to maintain visitor interest while also exploring the unique experiences your attraction has to offer during the autumn months. With these strategies, you can keep your business thriving all year round.

The importance of off-season attraction marketing

During the off-season, it's crucial for attractions to invest in marketing strategies that will keep visitors coming through the doors. While it may be tempting to scale back on marketing efforts during slower months, this can result in a decline in revenue and a missed opportunity to attract new customers.

Focus your marketing on the unique experiences your attraction has to offer during the autumn months and generate excitement among potential visitors. Which ones should you focus on?

  • Indoor events and attractions
  • Creating amazing (and cozy) experiences in open spaces
  • Focusing on the holidays like Halloween, Bonfire Night or creating a Winter Wonderland

It's all about staying visible, keeping visitors engaged, and ultimately, maintaining a steady stream of revenue throughout the year.

Creative ideas for off-season events and promotions

Looking for ways to keep your attraction bustling during the off-season? Get creative with unique events and promotions that will draw in visitors. Offer special discounts or package deals to entice visitors to come out and experience your attraction.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and create one-of-a-kind experiences that guests can only find during the off-season. For example, have you ever done:

  • Virtual events
  • Light shows
  • Themed weekends
  • A holiday market featuring local vendors

With these creative ideas, you'll have visitors flocking to your attraction all year round.

Utilising social media to promote off-season attractions

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting visitors to your attraction during the off-season. Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share captivating photos and videos of the unique experiences your attraction offers during the autumn/winter months.

Engage with your audience by hosting contests, giveaways, and interactive posts that encourage visitors to share their own experiences. By leveraging the reach and influence of social media, you can generate excitement and word-of-mouth promotion that will keep visitors coming through your doors all year long.

The role of email marketing in keeping visitors engaged during off-season

Email marketing is a powerful tool for keeping visitors engaged during the off-season. By sending regular updates and promotions directly to their inbox, you can remind past visitors of the unique experiences your attraction offers during the autumn/winter months. Share exciting news, upcoming events, and exclusive deals to entice them to come back and visit. Use personalised and targeted emails to make visitors feel special and valued. By staying in touch with your audience through email, you can maintain a strong connection and ensure they keep coming back to your attraction year after year.

Collaborating with local businesses and tourism boards

Collaborating with local businesses and tourism boards can be a game-changer for attractions during the off-season. By partnering with nearby businesses, you can create joint promotions and events that attract a larger audience. Consider teaming up with restaurants or hotels to offer package deals or discounts to visitors. Additionally, reach out to tourism boards to see if there are opportunities to be featured in their promotional materials or websites. By working together, you can leverage each other's networks and resources to keep visitors coming all year long.

Measuring the success of off-season attraction marketing strategies

Measuring the success of your off-season attraction marketing strategies is crucial for understanding what is working and what needs improvement. One way to measure success is by tracking net new visitors. Look for trends and patterns to see if your efforts are making a difference. Additionally, pay attention to engagement on social media platforms and email click-through rates to gauge how well your marketing messages are resonating with your audience. Conducting surveys or gathering feedback from visitors can also provide valuable insights into their experiences and satisfaction. By consistently evaluating the success of your marketing strategies, you can make informed decisions and continuously improve to keep visitors coming all year long.

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