Research and Assess

Cloudline offers initial process and design services, to help understand the current state and optimise the future state recommendation.
This provides crucial insight into the challenges and realities of the customer journey. It also highlights opportunities and risks; which form the basis of tailored benefits evaluation recommendations.


To maximize the benefits of an implementation, Cloudline can lead design activities with stakeholders, defining the minimum data set, matching criteria, and prioritization framework, etc. This is optional, but recommended.


    Cloudline’s Implementation Specialists configure your solution based on the agreed upon design, managing iterations and migrations through the various environments.


      Wherever possible, Cloudline consumes information from, or synchronizes information into other systems. Cloudline’s Data and Integration Team works with stakeholders to optimize interfaces – embedding, as deeply as possible, into their native systems, maximizing the alignment of processes and information, and minimizing data re-entry.


        Cloudline’s Implementation Specialists train super users and help with on the ground support during go-live. Once live, relationships transition to the client experience team for operations.

        Sustain & Optmise

          Cloudline’s integration team configures your solution to provide intelligent analytics and support towards continuous improvement efforts. Cloudline’s Customer Success Team participates in ongoing, post-go-live governance activities, helping to ensure ongoing engagement and collaboration towards the successful use of Cloudline technology.

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